Letters Across the Border

[PRODUCTION/AUDIO EDITING] In this episode, we bring you the stories of two immigrant families who, separated by the border, relied on letters to maintain their relationships: the mid-20th-century Mexican couple José Chávez Esparza and María Concepción Alvarado, whose letters are part of The Huntington’s collections, and José Cervantes, a gardener at The Huntington who came to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 24 years old.

Pedophile Talks About Attempts to Treat the Disease and Fear of Losing Control

*** WINNER OF THE 2015 BRAZILIAN PSYCHIATRY ASSOCIATION JOURNALISM AWARD*** [REPORTING/CO-WRITING] Marcos* is 52, has two teenage children, a wife and a job. He also has guilt—the guilt of someone who committed a crime and had to go to jail before realizing they needed help. The guilt of someone who has a disease that is almost automatically associated with crime: pedophilia, the medical term for the sexual desire for children.