Letters Across the Border

[PRODUCTION/HOST/SOUND DESIGN] In this episode, we bring you the stories of two immigrant families who, separated by the border, relied on letters to maintain their relationships: the mid-20th-century Mexican couple José Chávez Esparza and María Concepción Alvarado, whose letters are part of The Huntington’s collections, and José Cervantes, a gardener at The Huntington who came to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 24 years old.

A Year of Red Earth

[PRODUCTION/SOUND DESIGN] In this episode, we bring you a conversation with Los Angeles-based and internationally renowned artist, painter, and sculptor Lita Albuquerque. During this past year, when museums around California were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Albuquerque’s outdoor installation at The Huntington, “Red Earth,” was among the few pieces of art that visitors could experience.


Pedophile Talks About Attempts to Treat the Disease and Fear of Losing Control

*** WINNER OF THE 2015 BRAZILIAN PSYCHIATRY ASSOCIATION JOURNALISM AWARD*** [REPORTING/CO-WRITING] Marcos* is 52, has two teenage children, a wife and a job. He also has guilt—the guilt of someone who committed a crime and had to go to jail before realizing they needed help. The guilt of someone who has a disease that is almost automatically associated with crime: pedophilia, the medical term for the sexual desire for children.